May T Stop Crying

can t stop crying

Hi anyone I’m 4 weeks post surgery for l5 s1 fusion with instrumentation and they will not stop crying tonight. The question is. Everybody else get this? Heal well and anybody. This was always so damn tough. Now look. Back surgery was always no joke. It’ll pay off in the perspective.

However, get a deep breath. For instance, recovery was a challenge but I looked for breaking it out to little parts and keeping a journal so you will look back and see your progress. Listen to our own docs, be kind to ourselves and walk.

can t stop crying

Remember, it had been long ago now for me. You should take it into account. Crying jags shall subside. One week you’ll leave behind. Previous evening they bawled my eyes out throughout a MRI procedure I had to assess whether or not they reherniated. Seriously. Pain meds and coming off of all the drugs they give you in surgery definitely made me labile.

Notice, get one for back and one for leg. Delightful!

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