May U Die From Weed

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With a massive focus on relationships science, taryn Hillin is Fusion’s love and sex writer. She as well loves dogs, bourbon ‘barrelaged’ beers and popcorn not necessarily in that order. Debate over marijuana legalization is always primed to make center stage, as the presidential primaries heat up. You’ll find no better time than the present to report on smoking grave dangers too green much stuff.

Case in point last Friday nightime, police in Austintown as well as Ohio were called to a home ’22 year old’ man who complained he had been too lofty after smoking weed. As reported by police report Chips and as well Doritos Ahoy cookies, when officers arrived on scene they discovered man on the floor in fetal position and noted that he is surrounded by a plethora of epperidge Farm Goldfish. This is the case. It seemed like a classic case of When Snacks Attack.

For example, man told police he couldn’t feel his hands but declined medic treatment and chose to remain at his home with his snacks. As indicated by nearest news reports, inside the man’s auto. 2 rolling packs 2 roaches, a glass or papers jar of marijuana.

No charges were pressed, and Austintown police told Fusion that the man is doing fine.

Undoubtedly, the Austintown police likewise clarified that they support individuals who will have overdosed on a drug any drug to call for help but not fear being charged with a crime. Matter of fact that the incident which has begun to go viral usually serves to underscore how silly it was always when lawmakers villainize marijuana as a dangerous drug for adult users, as comical and probably cliche as it is to imagine this bad pal surrounded by Doritos and Goldfish.

This is where it starts getting really serious, right? While as pointed out by quite latter facts from in 2013, the CDC and there were 46,471 druginduced deaths, 29,001 alcoholinduced deaths, and 16,235 deaths related to prescription pain killers. Sounds familiar? That same record notes there were ZERO deaths caused with the help of cannabis. That’s right. You see, use as well as this case further emphasizes liability for Degree surrounding the drug not prohibition, instead of highlight marijuana dangers however.

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