10 Quick Tips for Buying Elliptical Trainers

by Jennifer Dennis

Are you thinking about buying an elliptical trainer? Before you purchase your next piece of fitness equipment, be sure to read this informative list of Top Ten Tips to distinguish which elliptical machines work best for you and your household.

1. Elliptical trainers offer a superior cardiovascular routine. Whether you are a beginner or advanced fitness trainer, the elliptical machine works with your
exercise level to give you the most rewarding experience for your personal fitness level. An important part of this successful cardiovascular exercise depends on the comfort level the user experiences throughout the length of the machine’s use. An elliptical trainer works because it has a smooth, flowing movement that encourages the user minute after minute. A key part of this rhythmic movement depends on stride length. There are some machines on the market that offer a 14” stride. You should always purchase an elliptical trainer with a stride length of 21” for maximum use and optimal settings.

2. Look for an adjustable incline and varying levels of resistance. The
incline option is sure to give you increased aerobic activity and the future opportunity to challenge yourself in new and different ways. Your machine should offer a wide range of incline and resistance levels to ensure that you have the maximum array of potential workout programs. When you change incline levels or resistance levels throughout the workout, the alteration should be smooth and non-jarring so that you can change inclines any time you wish, while still enjoying a great workout experience.

3. The Quiet Factor is important when you are buying a new piece of home gym fitness equipment. You want to work out, but you don’t want it to sound like a hurricane is tearing through your home. A superior machine will have a quiet, shushing sound, letting you listen to your favorite cd’s or television program for the length of your workout experience.

4. Safety features are important. Make sure that there is a cooling fan, as well as warm-up and cool-down programs to give your body a chance to work your muscles comfortably and effectively in the right manner.

5. A heart rate monitor is an excellent feature to look for with your new elliptical trainer. A heart rate monitor will help you work out smarter, not harder. With a heart rate monitor, you can ensure that you are reaching your preferred aerobic/heart rate goals.

6. Look for upper arm handles that move with your routine. With dual action upper body handles, you can get a complete body workout each time you jump on the machine.

7. LCD display for the front panel will give you a reading and monitoring system that is easy-to-read and understand. Here, you can read time, speed, distance, calorie output, hand pulse and more in a clear and concise format.

8. Notice what the maximum user weight can be for the machine. Note the highest weight of the user in your household and ensure that this individual can still use the machine.

9. How much space do you have for a machine? Be sure to measure your personal room space and note the specifications on the elliptical trainer to be sure you
can enjoy a full range of motion without hitting the wall, a piece of furniture, etc. A typical machine will be 52”x24”x62” for your reference purposes.

10. Look for a maintenance-free elliptical trainer with a good warranty (1 year for labor, 1-3 years for parts) to ensure that you have a premier workout exercise year after year. Do not purchase a new or refurbished machine without reading up on the guarantee first!

Note these important tips before you purchase your next home fitness equipment. These elliptical trainers can give you a great workout, but with all major investments, it pays to know what to look for before you purchase. Give yourself the best you can buy with your particular fitness budget. Purchase an affordable and versatile elliptical trainer for your personal use today!

About the Author: Jennifer Dennis is a successful author and regular contributor to http://www.solutions-in-elliptical-trainers.com – a fitness and treadmill industry resource that features treadmill reviews, guides, product descriptions and articles.

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