Vitamin D Overdose

vitamin d overdose

By Chris the Kiwi” Ashenden and Liana Ashenden, phD.

Imagine a world with no the sun.

Plenty of guys are quite low in vitamin D due to a lack of sun exposure, we may not be living in an apocalypse right now. Now look. This is cause skin makes vitamin D when it is exposed to ultraviolet B rays in sunshine. Scientific studies have shown that vitamin D plays a significant role in the development and maintenance of skeletal structure, through the lives, since the earlier twentieth century.

That’s right. While supposing direct links with metabolic, the cardiovascular, reproductive, cognitive and immunological systems, in last years and years vitamin D receptors were discovered in virtually every corps tissue.

Now look. From an evolutionary biology position, vitamin D’s importance to human soundness is not surprising. Consequently, your every man, lady, ancestors or childtot of them, spent lots of time outdoors under the sun. Sunshine is an important element of evolutionary ‘make up’.

Sounds familiar? We can get short amounts of vitamin D while eating oily fish, cod liver eggs, oil, butter oil or. Lots of guys now make vitamin D supplements.

Now please pay attention. By far good technique to obtain vitamin D is through sun exposure.

Photo by Christopher Bertram. Oily fish like these herring provide a dietary source of vitamin but, a proper start or D the SUN is much better.

Notice that image by David Monniaux, modified by Liana Ashenden. The northern hemisphere ‘vitamin D winter’.

So here is the question. When was the last time you felt the sun on your bare skin?


For example, it’s truly a “pro hormone”, vitamin D is called a ‘vitamin’ for historical reasons. Now pay attention please. We do not require a dietary source of vitamin D, as the bodies can make it through direct sun exposure, unlike the additional vitamins needed for growth and everyday’s well being.

Doesn’t it sound familiar? The type we make in your skin and take in your nutrition is vitamin D3, or cholecalciferol. It’s a fat soluble steroid and biologically inert in this form.

Oftentimes in the liver cholecalciferol is converted to calcidiol, the corpus’s basic storage form of vitamin Calcidiol is a ‘prehormone’ and lower levels of it in the blood give a proper indication of vitamin D deficiency. This is what they will measure, when you have got a blood test.

Enzymes in the kidneys and various tissues convert the storage calcidiol, in or form the biologically active hormone, calcitriol. Then, calcitriol is a potent steroid hormone with a lot of biological actions. Now pay attention please. Its halflife is about 2 weeks in the blood and 2 months in fat tissue.

For example, vitamin active form D mediates its effects through a vitamin D receptor in the cell nucleus. For instance, it regulates specific expression genes, when calcitriol binds to the receptor. The nuclear vitamin D receptor is expressed in most tissues and cells in the torso and scientists estimate that calcitriol or it lack can affect the expression of dozens of exclusive genes.

With all that said. Image by Jawahar Swaminathan and MSD staff at the Euro Bioinformatics Institute Deutsch.

Vitamin D is now regarded as an essential signalling molecule. It has, no doubt both direct and indirect biological effects in the corpus on mineral homeostasis, bone mineral density, proliferation and cell differentiation, cell death, hormone production.

You should take this seriously. Nearly every cell and tissue in your torso has vitamin D receptors.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Want your bones gentle and strong?

Sounds familiar, does it not? Want a good immune setup?

The well known and researched effects of vitamin D are on your overall health skeletal method.

Now please pay attention. Vitamin D was 1st discovered 90 years thru rickets study, a disorder in babies and children characterised by weakening and bones deformity. Yes, that’s right! , no doubt both rickets and its adult form osteomalacia are caused by a lack of vitamin D, phosphate, calcium and as well.

Photo by By Mrich at en.

In reason, vitamin D deficiency is as well bound to osteoporosis. Now please pay attention. Randomised clinical trials show that vitamin D supplementation increases bone mineral density and reduces tumbles risk and fractures in the elderly. You should take this seriously. This kind of effects trials depend on baseline calcium intake, baseline vitamin D status, gender, age and residence.

Calcitriol plays a key role in calcium and phosphate homeostasis. Cells in the short intestine should absorb mostly “ten 15” percent to 15 percent of dietary calcium and 60 per cent of phosphorus for transport in the circulation, with nothing like vitamin D. In reality, in the kidneys, calcitriol stimulates calcium re absorption from the glomerular filtrate. Hence, calcitriol stimulates bone maturation cells. With all that said. Putting it another way, vitamin D is considered a set of traffic lights that directs your corps to use calcium efficiently for bone mineralization. Now let me tell you something. It is a waste of time adding a whole lot more calcium to the mix, with nothing like sufficient vitamin D. It’s an opportune time to go tell your Doctor.

As a output, decent quality randomized controlled studies of vitamin effect D on skeletal general well being are ignoring babies, breastfeeding, children and pregnant girls, exclusive racial and ethnic, premenopausal ladies or groups.

The vitamin D receptor is expressed in cells in nearly every corps tissue. This widespread distribution and vitamin D’s function as a signalling molecule and hormone robust suppose that it plays an essential role in the torso as a the all the, also in skeletal general health.

Vitamin active form calcitriol, inhibitory, has stimulatory or D effects on cell proliferation and differentiation, the production of renin, insulin, testosterone, parathyroid hormone, and the immune, oestrogen or response. It prompts its own destruction by up regulating enzymes expression that convert calcidiol and calcitriol in inactive forms.

Observational and longitudinal cohort studies show correlations betwixt lower vitamin D levels and conditions such as cardiovascular breast, infection, metabolic, obesity, stroke, colon cancer, disease, prostate and even disorders, autoimmune disorders. Or that having sufficient vitamin D levels protects against them, as yet there is limited direct scientific evidence that having lower blood serum levels of vitamin D leads to that kind of conditions.

Considering the above said. Optimising the levels of vitamin D seems quite, extremely sensible based on the evidence so far, the scientific literature may not yet provide vitamin full novel D’s role in ‘non bone’ soundness of body outcomes.

NOT think it is an accident that incidence of, the flu or colds upper respiratory tract infections are VASTLY lower in summer compared to in winter, for starters.

It will appear that approximately 35ng/ml provides peak bone mineral density and protects against fractures and drops, vitamin D levels are determined by measuring the blood serum concentration of calcidiol, or 25 vitamin optimum level D for soundness is controversial.

The Endocrine Society and Institute of Medicine define critical vitamin D deficiency as 20ng/ml. Deficiency primary cause is inadequate skin exposure to sunlight, and it is pretty regular.

Is it manageable to have too much vitamin D? Reason that even though toxicity from hypervitaminosis D is rather rare. Dietary sources and supplements in sensible doses are in addition safe. Of course, whenever causing an influx of calcium, you are entirely at risk of overdosing on vitamin D in the event you get crazy “megadoses” of vitamin D supplements. Symptoms of hypercalcemia in the blood comprise unsuccessful nausea, appetite, constipation, frequent urination, dizziness, thirst, weakness as well as vomiting or confusion, and kidney damage. This is the case. It is treated by stopping vitamin D supplements and restricting calcium intake.

Since your fat tissue will store it, it shall as well be added that in case you are obese, you may need more Vitamin D. Thus, time in amount of wear, sunscreen and the sun affect your skin’s exposure to UVB and thus your vitamin D production.

Dieting and supplements affect your vitamin D levels and effectiveness.

With that said, your skin well being, age, reproductive status and colour have an impact on your vitamin D levels.

Look at the subsequent chart. Which my wonderful sister Liana was so good to draw and build out.

On top of that, how loads of the aspects related to quite low vitamin D production apply to you?

Then once more, the more items down the left that apply to you, the more possibly you are to be at risk for vitamin D deficiency.

Even though, time of week. Exposing your skin in the week middle half produces more vitamin D3.

The subsequent filter out UVB and reduce your possibility to produce vitamin D: heavy clouds, ozone, sunscreen, clothes, air pollution as well as glass windows.

Surfaces that reflect the sun’s rays can increase your overall UV exposure. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. Fresh snow reflects up to 80 per cent of UV radiation, sea foam reflects 25 per cent, dry seaside resort sand reflects 15 percent.

I’m sure it sounds familiar. Exposing your the whole corpus to the sun massively increases vitamin D production. The torso is more effective than the hands and face.

You see, how much time you spend outdoors, and in the sun or shade, impacts on UVB exposure.

You cover up with wear or headgear when outside, right? You should take it into account. You wear sunscreen or cosmetics containing sunscreen, right? Regulation 30 reduces your skin’s vitamin D synthesis by more than 95 per cent.

Dietary sources of vitamin D involve eggs, herring, artificially, butter oil, mackerel, cod liver oil or salmon fortified foods.

Since vitamin D is fatsoluble and consisted of cholesterol, fat consumption is essential.

On top of this, vitamin D3 supplements could be derived from lanolin, cod liver oil extract, or synthesised from 7 dehydrocholesterol.

That said, vitamin D2 supplements could be derived from UV yeast irradiation sterol ergosterol or from sun exposed mushrooms.

Levels of vitamin phosphorus, vitamin K, an or calcium affect vitamin effectiveness D in the torso.

In case you got pale skin, you are more at risk of sunburn, you make vitamin D quite fast when your skin is exposed to the sun.

It is it may get 36 times longer for you to make vitamin D, when you got obscure skin.

Just think for a second. You produce more vitamin D betwixt 20 ages and 60.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Folks with the succeeding soundness of body conditions should be vitamin D insufficient and need MORE: fat malabsorption syndromes, chronic inflammation, crohn, thyroid disorders and likewise obesity’s diabetes, coeliac disease, some and disease types of liver types and kidney disease.

Consequently, folks who have the other day spent a long period in hospital can be vitamin D insufficient due to a lack of sun exposure.

Then once more, guys taking the succeeding medications might be at risk of vitamin D deficiency: antacids, replacement hormones, anticonvulsants, anticoagulants, barbiturates, blood thinners, or corticosteroids some ‘antiHIV’ medications.

Photo by Liana Ashenden. In summer time, your skin rapidly produces a a lot of vitamin D when you expose your the corpus to the sun for 1060 mins.

Needless to say, by now you will have a rough approach of your own vitamin D profile using the images and chart above. Nonetheless, when you have got grim skin and you’re living far equator north, chances are you’re low. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Consider supplementation with a quality source of vitamin D3, such as cod liver oil if you think it is possible to palate it or Athletic Greens’ Vitamin D3.

Sounds familiar? I’ll say it anyways: in the event you are on medication seek your doctor’s medicinal opinion in advance of taking any supplement, it goes with nothing like saying.

How much would I make? a lot of studies show a “ushaped” dose response curve with vitamin D supplementation. This implies that, in some situations or rather big doses of vitamin D may practically have quite low opposite effect doses. Surely, iU.

Get blood tests to check your progress in the event you are not getting your bulk vitamin D from direct sun exposure.

ABSOLUTELY recommend the sun. Just on the months that you are not out in direct sun, for all of you who are not getting at least 5 weeks a workweek of a MINIMUM of “ten 30” mins of direct sun exposure, I recommend doses of “10005000” IU every week.

You should take it into account. Blood tests -In the event you are in the last low/no sun camp, 12 and then at four supplementation weeks, I recommend you go and get your vitamin D measured, which is a plain blood test. Keep on doing what you are doing and retest at 12 weeks, in case you are below 35ng/ml. Yes, that’s right! Consider that you need a proper gut and adequate fat and cholesterol in your nutrition to absorb and make vitamin Donce more retest at 12 weeks. Stop vitamin D supplementation altogether, in the event you are above 50ng/ml. Let me tell you something. To my mind, you are on the $$, in case you are betwixt 35 and 50ng/ml. Some evidence assumes that the lower end, ’20 35ng’/ml, should be ideal, in the event you are of Northern Euro extraction with pale skin.

You can have a look at Vitamin D3 product here —&gt, you are under no obligation.

By far the BEST method to rebuild your vitamin D levels is when exposing your skin to the sun in a safe way. Notice that take a look at my previous post.

In the winter far away from the equator, try to expose your skin as much as feasible to sunlight at solar noon every fortnight. Get back office out at lunch time, go for walks in the sun. A well-known reality that is. Your risk of sun damage is rather low at this time of year. That snow reflects the sun’s rays and can increase UVB levels.

In the summer. Let me tell you something. Listen to your corps’s real alarm method and do not allow yourself or your children to get burned. Move in the shade, stay midday out sun, and cover up with sunhats and wear but not sunscreen. You should take this seriously. Protect your eyes with sunglasses that block out UV rays.

Folks with reddish, fair or freckly skin hair need to make extreme care in summer sun. Now regarding the aforementioned matter of fact. Limit your exposure to several mins later or late in the week and cover up at various times. You produce a special kind of which, melanin or called pheomelanin is less effective than eumelanin at protecting your skin from UV damage and may increase your risk of skin cancer.

I’m sure you heard about this. You can make ten,00020,000 vitamin IU D in “ten 30” minutes, when you got fair skin and expose your the all the corps to summer sunshine with no clothes or sunscreen.

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Anyhow, previous month we got some awful news with my oldest son who is 8. Leo is type one diabetic was for longer than a year and previous month tested positive for celiac disease, we live in Santa Cruz ca so there is no probs getting a number of sun and fresh veggies the whole housewifery is going to start 80 percent protein 20 percent green leaf. The key question I have got is do you think my youngest son who is five is too youthful to cut out all dairy?

Thanks for your message, sorry to hear about your son.

You most likely want to make a look at some studies that are gaining traction that say vitamin K2 is required to successfully use calcium and Vitamin D to ensure that calcium is absorbed with the help of bone before arterial wall and all that Some studies contraindicate calcium and Vitamin D unless there is sufficient Vitamin K2.

Now let me tell you something. You got the references for the studies assuming lower blood levels would be better, right? It is scandinavians thought it looked a bit questionable. Would love to see the studies you mention though.

Hence, lesa Thurman — Chris, would Sweet Potato Starch -Coarse work also?

Named cause I come from a little land in the Pacific called newest Zealand where a tiny, fat, ‘quasiblind’.

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